Merlin / MCL resources available on request

This page contains resources of interest to the Merlin / MCL development team.
Don't use this material unless you really know what you're doing.
Thou have been warned.

The following resources are available on request only.
The authors reserve the right to honour or reject any request.

Merlin-3.0 - The latest and greatest

 * Merlin-3.0 paper (LaTeX files, 34 Kb)
    File:   merlin-3.0.tar.gz
 * MCL-3.0 paper (LaTeX files, 34 Kb)
    File:   mcl-3.0.tar.gz
 * Merlin-3.0 manual (LaTeX files, 135 Kb)
    File:   merlin-man-3.0.tar.gz
 * The Merlin-3.0 book (LaTeX files, xx Kb)
    File:   merlin-book-3.0.tar.gz

Merlin LC, Plus

 * Merlin Plus manual in Greek (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 114 Kb)
    File:   merlin-plus-greek-manual.cpt.hqx
 * Merlin LC manual in Greek (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 107 Kb)
    File:   merlin-lc-greek-manual.cpt.hqx

Merlin-2.1 - The double precision version

 * Merlin-2.1 paper (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 18 Kb)
    File:   merlin-2.1.cpt.hqx

The first programmable version

 * Merlin-2.0 paper (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 19 Kb)
    File:   merlin-2.0.cpt.hqx
 * MCL-1.0 documents: paper, manual (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 207 Kb)
    File:   mcl-1.0.cpt.hqx

Merlin-1.0 - The original

 * Merlin-1.0 documents: paper, manual (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 123 Kb)
    File:   merlin-1.0.cpt.hqx


 * Merlin Green Book add on (MS-Word for the Macintosh, 5 Kb)
    File:   merlin-add-on.cpt.hqx

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